Adrian Peckitt

Director of Photography

Adrian Peckitt


In 2013, Adrian Peckitt graduated from the NFTS cinematography programme and, today, he is a much sought after director of photography. While his main drive is storytelling and commercials, his technical knowledge is both impressive and extensive. Today his credits reflect these traits, listing shorts and features work with directors such as Ed Lilly ('The Hive’), Lewis Metcalfe (‘Irreversible’, winner of ‘Best UK Short’ at Raindance); and TVCs for Optrex and Open University, directed by James Caddick at 2am Films.

Showreel 2016

Adrian Peckitt Showreel 2015

Optrex: 'Cloud 9'

Commercial (TVC)

Production Company: 2AM
Producer: Dale Healy
Director: James Caddick

JAMES CADDICK - Optrex "Cloud 9"



Director: Lewis Metcalfe
Producer: Liz Vick

DOP: Adrian Peckitt - Adidas

Nike: 'Just Do It'


Director: Lewis Metcalfe
Producer: Liz Vick

DOP: Adrian Peckitt - Nike: 'Just Do It'

Italia Vogue : 'A Solo'


Director: Mark Radadan

DOP: Adrian Peckitt - 'Vogue Italia: A Solo'

7up: 'Feels Good to be You'


Director: David Schofield
Production Company: Oron Beard Films
Client: PepsiCo

7up (Long)

The Guardian: 'President'


Director: Effie Pappa
DOP: Adrian Peckitt
Commissioner: The Guardian
Production Company: Qudos

DIRECTOR: Effie Pappa // DOP: Adrian Peckitt - President Cheese: White Wine + Elderflower Spritz

Virgin Media: 'Valentine's'


Production Company: Catsnake
Producer: Lucy Fazey

DOP: Adrian Peckitt - Virgin Media: Valentine's

Ekat Bork: 'On My Moon'

Music Promo

Director/Producer: Ed Lilly
Directors Rep: Chloe Page

DOP: Adrian Peckitt - EKAT BORK | On My Moon