Tom O'Keefe

Director of Photography

Tom O'Keefe


Tom O'Keefe has worked within the film industry for several years and, prior to becoming a director of photography, spent time within the camera department on various roles such as gaffer and focus puller.

Today, he is an amiable, established director of photography and has experience in features, commercials, fashion and music, with credits for brands and names including Adidas, Tom Chaplin and Professor Green. Meanwhile, his client base covers Familia, Post Elliot, Gas and Electric, Nice and Polite, Vice and Kode.


DOP: Tom o'Keefe - Showreel

Opticrom: 'See the Summer'

Idents (TVC)

Director: David Allain
Executive Producer: Juliet Riddell
Producers: Javier Alejandro, Amalia Rosen-Rawlings
Production Company: Caravan
Agency: Newcast

DOP: Tom O'Keefe - Opticrom: 'See the Summer' (Idents - Various)

Marmite: 'Hate Mondays'

Commercial (TVC)

Production Company: Gas and Electric
Director: Push
Agency: W Communications

DOP: Tom O'Keefe - Marmite: Hate Mondays

Sinead Harnett: 'Rather Be With You'

Music Promo

Director: Elliot Simpson
Production Company: Post Elliot

DOP: Tom O'Keefe - 'Sinead Harnett: Rather Be With You'

Adidas Originals: Trend Watch'


Director: Elliot Simpson
Production Company: Post Elliot
Commissioner: Adidas

DOP: Tom O'Keefe - 'Adidas Originals: Trend Watch' (Campaign)

Professor Green: 'Back on the Market'

Music Promo

Director: Danny Chan
Production Company: Familia
Commissioner: Relentless

DOP: Tom O'Keefe - 'Professor Green: Back on the Market'

Curse Of Lono: 'Saturday Night (Chapter 3 of 4)'

Music Promo

Director: Alex Walker
Production Company: Brickwall Films

DOP: Tom O'Keefe - 'Curse Of Lono' Saturday Night (Chapter 3 of 4)'

Skinny Living: 'Why'

Production Company: Kode
Director: Dainel Broadley
Producer: Tamara Lenz
DOP: Tom O'Keefe

DOP: Tom O'Keefe - 'Skinny Living: Why'